Young visual lover, based in Brussels.
I started getting interested in photography and video at the age of 12, but I quickly realised I wanted to expand my skills and interests to the whole visual field.

I’ve studied Multimedia for three years in Brussels and Madrid, and the next goal is to start my masters degree in Media Design, in Rotterdam.

I’m a digital freak, I love studying the way social medias work and change through the years. For a moment, my thing was to make social boost plans for companies, while creating visual content they could use to promote what they were doing.

Freelance visual creator is now my part-time job, and I’m more than happy about it. I would be pleased to work with you on any visual or digital project.

We met at University and quickly realised we were super effective while working together.
Romy is the smartest coder you’ll ever meet, and she works ultra fast.
For website design, she’s on the programming side, while I’m more focused on the UX and UI side.
On weddings, we know exactly what to do, where to go and when, we definitely complete each other. While I’m capturing the people, she shoots the place. While I’m photographying «THE KISS», she’s on the other side to capture the emotions of the family and friends.

Yes, you’ve found the perfect duo to contact if you want your digital dreams to come true. Two dynamic, young, effective and professional ladies, ready to work hard for you!