April 2016 - App design & project creation


Close-App is a smartphone application I created as a first-year Multimedia student. The whole project was realised with Pauline Noguais, an amazing classmate. These were my first steps in design, UX, and concept writing so I can definitely tell everything I would have done differently by now, but I’m still happy to share it.

So what is it?

It’s a cultural app that makes you visit Brussels while making you discovering cool photographers. You basically follow the guide (your phone), walk around the city, chose how long you want to walk, and discover places where photographers have taken beautiful photographies. You see them though your phone in augmented reality, which allows you to try to re-take the shot!

Colors and design

The main colors are that kind of blue-ish orange gradient, which actually is a picture I took of the sunset through my window. The whole idea is made of rounded shapes, rain drops and soft blue. We designed every single part of the app.