May 2017 - App design & Webdesign

From April til June 2017, I’ve had the chance to be a design intern at the Antwerp Factory. The idea was to make a great app, which would allow doctors and dieticians to publish great diets and meals to follow for each of their patients. I created the whole branding, app and webdesign.
I’ve had full freedom about the colors, shapes and app architecture, which was super nice.

I also got to draw the food icons, with my Wacom tablet. It was super fun to make and out of my comfort zone at that time.

I wanted something fresh, that looked scientific but modern at the same time. I created a few mood boards and this is what I ended up making.

The main colors are that kind of blue-ish orange gradient, which actually is a picture I took of the sunset through my window. The whole idea is made of rounded shapes, rain drops and soft blue. We designed every single part of the app.