The Organicooks

January 2017 - Web design / Front-end / Back-end

This was a second year student project based on organic initiatives and web development. I paired with Floriana Teles to create a platform that would allow people to get ingredients to cook recipes that are organic, local, seasonal et ecological. All the ingredients are from Belgium or around, and the delivery is made by bike, pairing with Deliveroo.

We wanted to design something fresh, young and family friendly, and opted for saturated pastel colors. All the pictures have rounded edges to make the pages look softer.

We created the recipes too (and tried them all, lucky us!) to make sure they were all accurate and well-explained. Writing was also a big part of the process. So what did we do? We first made mood boards to think of the concept, we brainstormed to find something we would be keen to use, then we made wireframes and user tests. We designed, and coded the whole project with PHP, HTML, CSS, JS and JQUERY.